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About cy uniform sdn bhd
CY Uniform is a private limited company formed in 2008. Out strength lies in manufacturing and selling bulk work uniforms that are made in Malaysia.CY Uniform Sdn Bhd offers Malaysian corporates the opportunity to dress their staff and representatives in a manner befitting their business professionalism.
Who Are We
A good bespoke uniform builds a positive impression and inspire confidence in your business. It also motivates employees by cultivating a strong sense of pride and unity among employees through beautifully designed and well-fitted uniforms.
With faster lead times and faster turn around, having your company uniform tailored by CY Uniform means your staff don’t need to fit the standard sizes of the everyday maker rather their uniforms can be tailored to their individual exact needs. And with vast options that are completely customisable and can feature customised embroidery placed anywhere. We are specialist in ready made uniform and custom made uniform manufacturer, supplier and distributor of work wear uniforms and the custom made accessories to agent as well as direct to end users.Our key strength lies in our own manufacturing facility that are proudly made in Malaysia to ensure that quality is continually preserved in our manufacturing process
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