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We’re here to implant a whole new experience in exploring the local businesses around you that match your interest anywhere at anytime.

Time is gold, and it can be time consuming and troublesome to look for local businesses around you when you are not even aware of their existence.

With MonkeyMedia Platform, You get a whole new experience in exploring local businesses around you. With just few clicks, you can access products or services of any of the local businesses around you or everywhere in Malaysia.

Now everyone can share their experience by commenting and rating businesses on our platform, to help businesses improve their service and products quality based on consumers reviews, and to help everyone find the quality, reliability and the price they are looking for.

We want to connect every consumer with all the local businesses around him or her like never before. Ultimately, we want to create a new experience where you can explore, buy and sell right at the tips of your fingers.

Our Mission
Monkey Media mission and vision is to become the world's leading online platform for consumers to discover local businesses, services and interests around them. We do not just focus on consumers, Monkey Media also focus on helping all local businesses to build up their business and reputation while standing strong in the market with their very own core value. By connecting consumers and merchants through our platform, we have greater opportunity to become one of the world’s essential companies. We make discovery even more fun!
Our Values
Start with the Customer

Customers for us do not just mean about end users and consumers, we meant everyone around us, YES, EVERYONE OF US! including the merchants and business owners. We always take the challenge to make things fun and creative, because both consumers and merchants nowadays are looking for great experiences at a great platform. With us, selling and buying, discovery of new things is the activities you wanted to do every day on our Monkey Media platform. You First!
Great Attitude Born Great People, Great People Born Great Companies
Attitude first, we always believe! We’re a community for passionate and energetic youngsters whom always put customers at the first place. Creative and innovative is no longer a problem when we equipped ourselves with the passionate to bring every merchant to success. Working should be fun, since it is a routine of our life. Why we ever make our life so miserable?
Nothing is better than Long Term
Effort in short-term is so meaningless and definitely a bad investment. We build everything from Zero to Hero, who on earth would ever crush it with their own hand? Long-term partnership with all the merchants around the world is the best resorts, building a reputable and trusted company that everyone would trust; together we create the world we live in!
Life is Amazing, Just Ahead of Your Little Step
Step it out and explore your world, it could be so wonderful that you never ever imagine before. We tend to provide you with a lot of excitement and new discoveries with our new features. Sometimes we just want some special things to pop up at a random time, sounds sweet isn’t?
Monkey Media Promise
We always want you to have great and satisfying experience with Monkey Media. That’s the promise we make to you. We have a great team that always on standby to assist you. We work things out, we make it happen, and then we grow together. This is to give assurance to all our merchants and also consumers, for longer-term of partnership in growing our mission!
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